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Samantha Grant Wellbeing and Happiness Coach

Samantha Grant provides hypnotherapy, NLP and PSYCH-K services to help people work through problems such as trauma and fears.

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Project Overview

Samantha wanted us to help improve her current site when it comes to ranking on search engines. We started by carrying out an SEO audit on her website to discover what elements could be better. From this audit we then rewrote the meta content so that search engines would more easily understand what what her website is about as well as providing users with a more precise snippet when the website appear on search engines results.

We also edited the page structure, changing the <h> tags (heading tags) to allow search engines to more accurately depict the structure of each page and understand what parts of each page were the most important for search results.</h>


I was very happy with the SEO project that CooperX Design did.

James gave me sound advice, did a great job and I found the whole process really easy.
I would warmly recommend James to anyone looking to improve SEO and website traffic.